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The size of a residential septic system is determined by the number of bedrooms within the house. Most people think its the number of bathrooms, but its not. Commercial properties arrive at the proper system size by taking a count of fixtures and applying a formula contained within the Uniform Plumbing Code.

The following information is respective of residential properties only in our area. These sizes will differ in other areas of the country.

Please contact us for a septic or cesspool service, installation or replacement estimate based on your household or commerical requirements.
 Number Bedrooms Septic Tank Seepage Pit
 1 to 3 Bedrooms 1000 Gallons 8'x12'  
 4 + Bedrooms 1500 Gallons 8'x12'

Your drywell generally consists of a pit lined with rocks or blocks which allow the water to pass through into the soil. We also offer light-weight and strong poly drywells as shown in the picture below, for neat installation in tight areas with minimal disturbance. The drywell does not receive any septage but only receives water from areas such as the laundry drain. This water can contain lint or other small fibers as well as detergent scum. The water drains through the soil where the biodegradable material is acted on by the aerobic bacteria in the soil.